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2024 Therapy Thursday Videos

Therapy Thursday gives the audience the chance to ask us any questions in the world! We start off in the room asking each other questions and then open it up to the listeners. That means if you have any questions about relationships, your love life or anything personal we’re here to help. This time it’s juicy and a woman is sleeping around and one mom who needs help with her kid. Starting every Thursday at 8:25am you can write us on our text line at 888-429-0941. Be sure to send in your scenario or give us a call at the exact same number. We start taking calls and texts at 8:25am so we can help you with anything you need. We broadcast out of Tampa, Florida! During this segment you get to ask any question you want to you favorite Freakshow member. It doesn’t matter if it’s Orlando, Rich or Meredith you can always call us and ask anything your heart desires. What about Plead The Fifth? Ever wanted to call in for our 'Plead The Fifth' segment on Orlando & The Freakshow? Here’s how it works! First we ask three questions around the room. During that time, the person being questioned can either answer or decide to ‘Plead The Fifth.’ That means they don't have to answer at all. The problem is we can only use one ‘plead’ when you're being asked questions, which can make things crazy. If we do use it at some point then we must answer the rest of the questions! That means, no matter how sexual or ridiculous, we must answer. If you ever wanted to write us a question and be on-air with us, you can give us a call anytime! You can call us at 8:25am at 888-429-0941 out of Tampa, Florida to ask your question to you favorite Freak. it doesn’t matter if it’s Orlando, Rich or Meredith you can always call us and ask anything your heart desires to know. Watch all Therapy Thursday below:

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