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Orlando And The Freakshow Perform Scaryoke

The listeners voted and it's official! Scaryoke is back every Friday on Orlando & The Freakshow! After Rich won his karaoke belt from Hulk Hogan at his restaurant in Clearwater called Hogan's Hangout. Rich loves to sing and is a natural talent but Meredith can’t sing at all. But don't tell her that because she thinks she's the best! If you didn’t know Orlando has a great singing voice and was actually in a RnB boy band back in the day. The listeners have spoken and that means you get what you want! You can watch every Scaryoke by scrolling below! What does Orlando think about bringing Scaryoke back: Clearwater Beach brings singing to WiLD with us finding out that the rookie has been training his karaoke pipes for a championship belt. Apparently Hogan’s Hangout is the scene of the crime and Monday nights there’s a challenge to win the big, snazzy belt, from the WWE Hall of Famer. There’s no way we could hear all of this and not ask for a sample. You know how they say “watch what you ask for”? That’s exactly what was going thru our minds as the Usher classic “Nice & Slow” became a bootleg rendition we’ll now call “Not Nice But Slow“. Meredith has made it known that she was “in the choir for three years.” A lifetime ago, the show had Special Ed and Navaho who sang equally as bad. They still had the confidence of a kid getting a treat after a first successful poop potty visit. Fans who remember started the requests of a reboot after the howling began. Jury’s out on that one. Many of us Tampa people know of Hulk Hogan and his back issues. I’m thinking his ears will make the medical reports next!

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