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It’s Therapy Thursday time and that means if you have any questions about relationships, your love life or anything personal we’re here to help. This time it’s juicy and a woman is sleeping with her trainer. She now wants the sessions to be free! Starting every Thursday at 8:25am you can write us on our text line at 888-429-0941. Be sure to send in your scenario or give us a call at the same number.

This time we had a man who lied to his girlfriend about some dirt he was doing on the side and actually got arrested for it. They have kids together and they both love one another but she feels like she can’t trust him anymore. There hasn’t been anyone stepping out of the relationship but right now they’re not together. He wants to save the relationship because he loves her and they currently live together but she can’t trust him because he was living a separate life.  We also had a woman who lost 36 lbs. and started sleeping with her trainer who helped her lose all her weight. She now want’s to get her training for free sessions since they’re sleeping together twice a week.

Lastly, we had a woman who was concerned about the long-term nanny. The wife said her husband was getting too close to the nanny. She’s been feeling uncomfortable with her husband’s friendship with the nanny because he’s been sharing private, inmate details about their relationship. She does not necessarily suspect cheating. But she knew that their relationship has crossed the line so she fired the nanny. Now her husband is extremely upset about it and isn’t talking to the wife. He thought she should have stayed with the family instead of finding a new nanny. Orlando and Davy both said they don’t think he cheated but Meredith suggested that it might have crossed the line. Watch the entire video below and listen to the advice from the therapists today. Scroll down to watch it!

Tampa Restaurants That Offer 'Deal Nights' Every Day

Let’s be honest, there’s nights where we just don’t feel like cooking. With the price of food constantly going up it’s almost the same cost to go eat at a restaurant these days. Especially if the restaurant is having a special where you can save 50% off! We made a list of the best restaurants in Tampa Bay that offer ‘deal nights’ leaving you with more money in your pocket and a full stomach. Many off these spots will also let your kids eat free as well and with kids being so picky it’s a perfect option so you can relax instead of cooking. Here’s the list of Tampa restaurants that offer deal nights and the certain day you can go enjoy it.

  • Yokos Sushi

    This is one of my favorite restaurants to get sushi at in Tampa Bay. This restaurant has actually been around for over 40 years and has the most delicious fresh sushi. On Sunday evening they offer happy hour rolls all night long.

  • Nebraska Mini Mart

    Known for their burgers and shakes this place will let your kids eat free on Thursday! This is a great deal especially when gets are so picky with the food.

  • Evos Feel Great Food

    Saturday kids eat free at Evo’s with the purchase of an adult meal. So you can have a delicious, healthy meal while you kid eats free. I love eating their buffalo chicken wrap and I always add cheese.

  • Matteo Trattoria & Pizzeria

    Although, we hear this might change soon with new ownership for now Matteo’s offers 50% off on Mondays! They have delicious italian food, pizza and pasta. Now you can get all of it 50% off which is a fabulous deal.

  • 4 Rivers Smokehouse

    They offer great deals every Monday! Kids eat free at Four Rivers on Monday and they offer double points where you earn double the points when eating in-store or ordering online.

  • Water & Flour

    This yummy restaurant gives you plenty of options including, pizza, poke bowls and sushi rolls. Now on Wednesdays they offer $5 sushi rolls and they’re so delicious! Make sure you try out this deal.

  • Green Lemon

    I get food from this restaurant at least one to twice a month. Their queso is some of the best in Tampa Bay and I always order their Gigante Chicken Bowl. It’s so yummy and is topped with pickles jalapenos! You can also spice up your life with their habanero beef fiesta bowl. On Tuesday  $2 street tacos


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  • Graze 1901

    A fresh, fun and fast restaurant that I visit all the time as well. This is a solid establishment that’s family owned with fabulous employees. Tuesdays they offer deals between 3-6pm $6 burgers and $1 sides!!! Yum!