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Ever wanted to play Plead The Fifth on Orlando & The Freakshow? Here’s how it works… Normally, we ask three questions around the room or we can ‘Plead The Fifth’ and not answer one. We can only use the ‘plead’ once during an episode which can make things crazy. If we use it at some point then we must answer the rest of the questions. That means, no matter how sexual or ridiculous we’ve got to answer. If you ever wanted to write us a question and be on-air with us, you can give us a call anytime! You can call us at 8:25am at 888-429-0941 out of Tampa, Florida to ask your question to you favorite Freak. it doesn’t matter if it’s Orlando, Rich or Meredith you can always call us and ask anything your heart desires to know.

What about Therapy Thursday:

It’s Therapy Thursday time and that means if you have any questions about relationships, your love life or anything personal we’re here to help. Starting every Thursday at 8:25am you can write us on our text line at 888-429-0941. Be sure to send in your scenario or give us a call at the exact same number. We start taking calls and texts at 8:25am so we can help you with anything you need. We’re out of Tampa, Florida to ask your question to you favorite Freak. it doesn’t matter if it’s OrlandoRich or Meredith you can always call us and ask anything your heart desires to know.

Here are the ‘Plead The Fifth’ clips from 2024:

  • January 8, 2024: Orlando On What Annoys Him About Rich

    Rich gets the feeling that he annoys Orlando often and wanted to know exactly what he does to annoy Orlando on a daily basis. Watch to find out!

  • January 29, 2024: Rich On The 1st Woman He Saw Naked

    Rich opened up about a lot of different topics today. He admitted to being a messy person and talking about the first time he saw a woman nude.


  • February, 5 2024: Babs: What Is She Best At In Bed?

    Bab’s stopped by The Freakshow to do our ‘Plead The Fifth’ segment and it was crazy today! We asked about her favorite position in the bedroom and her recent car accident. Then Meredith wanted to know if she wanted to have children. Babs got emotional and it was so sweet. Watch the video below…

  • February, 12 2024: Orlando: Who's Scarier? Swifties or Bey-Hive?

    Orlando took the stand today and was asked if he ever had an STD! The listeners wanted to know who is scarier to deal with? The Swifties or Bey-Hive? He definitely had an answer but you’ve got to watch the video below to find out…

  • March 4, 2024: Meredith Rude Comments

    Meredith does her best to brush off rude comments that people make but sometimes it’s tough. Orlando asked her about a time where she was hurt or offended by a comment someone made about her. She opened up about a situation that recently happened and read it onair.

  • March 11, 2024: Orlando Things That Women Do To Not Get 2nd Date

    Orlando was asked a lot of questions this morning! Listeners wanted to know how they can get their music played on-air. Meredith also asked if Orlando would want to win a Grammy, Oscar, Tony or Emmy. And then he was asked about what things women have done on a date that will make sure they don’t get a second one.

  • March 18, 2024: Rich On Wildest Thing He's Done In Public

    Riche’s story definitely takes the cake today! He talked about a wild evening where he drank a little too much at a public pool and things got out of hand with a friend’s sister. After drinking a little too much Patron, he started feeling a little horny and had sex in public in front of his friend’s.

  • March 25, 2024: Meredith On Which Ethnicity She'd Be For 48 Hours

    Meredith had a ton of questions today. Asking about any recent bar fights she’s been in. Orlando wanted to ask her if she’s ever wanted to be another ethnicity. She definitely picked one!

  • April 1, 2024: Orlando On If His Daughter's Are Dating

    Orlando had a tough day! Meredith wanted to know his favorite Transgender personality or actor and then she asked if his daughters were allowed to date. Rich wanted to be assessed onair! Which is crazy but he did it!

  • April 8, 2024: Rich Fantasizing About Meredith

    Orlando wanted to know if Rich has ever thought naughty things about Meredith before! He was asked one good and one bad thing about about his new relationship. Meredith wanted to know about an embarrassing sexual experience in the bedroom. Things got weird!

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