Plead The Fifth

Plead The Fifth: Orlando His Last Pregnancy Scare

Orlando was in the hot seat this morning! He had to answer about his irrational fear during our Plead The Fifth segment! Here’s how we play the game… Normally, we ask three questions around the room or he can ‘Plead The Fifth’ and not answer one. But the thing is, he can only use the plead once so if he uses it at some point then he must answer the rest of the questions no matter how sexual or ridiculous. If you ever wanted to write us a question for this segment or be on-air with us give us a call! You can call us at 8:25am at 888-429-0941 out of Tampa, Florida to ask your question to you favorite Freak. it doesn't matter if it's Orlando, Davy or Meredith you can always call us and ask anything your heart desires to know. This 'Plead The Fifth' Was About: Playing this game can be difficult but he did a good job today! Orlando was asked about his love life and even a pregnancy scare. Davy asked him about what he would most likely do in the wild if he wasn't initially scared. Orlando is actually interested in going fishing as long as someone baits the hook for him. He doesn't want to take the fish off the hook once he catches it or even filet the fish. He just wants to have the fun and relax. Meredith wanted to find out about his dating life and who he was seeing. Orlando shut down that question pretty quickly and said he's not seeing anyone special and isn't interested in dating right now. Then, Orlando was asked if he had any recent pregnancy scares and he actually said yes! Then we went around the room and talked about all of our pregnancy scares. Scroll down below to watch the entire video...

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