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For the first time our video guy Buck was in the hot seat for Plead The Fifth having to answer some scandalous questions about his life! We ask three questions around the room that he has to answer or he can ‘Plead The Fifth’ and chose not answer one. But the thing is, he can only use the plead once so if he uses it at any point then he must answer the rest of the questions no matter how sexual or ridiculous. Playing this game can be difficult but he did a good job today! The guys asked about what his wife could do better in the bedroom, who he has had an issue with in the building and who he would sleep with at work. Check out the entire video below…

Our Favorite All-Inclusive Resorts In Florida

Love relaxing on the beach and having everything taken care of for you including activities? Then an all-inclusive resort is worth every penny! The best thing about an all-inclusive resort is not having to pay for extra food, drinks and activities. A true all-inclusive vacation should never have surprise which helps you have a stress-free vacation. Keep in mind, if you enjoy exploring your destination, do offsite activities or eat at local restaurants this might not be the best decision for you.

Here’s the best all-inclusive resorts in Florida: