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Dating men in Tampa, Florida can be tough and there’s several reasons why. Could the problem be the quality of men available these days? Maybe. It’s hard to find a good, decent person these days nevertheless a respectable man. There are several reasons for this, but one big explanation is because there’s so many women available at their fingertips. Dating apps gives you 24/7 access to people and when you get that attention it gives you an instant rush of dopamine. Dopamine is known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone which provides you an immediate sense of pleasure.

Starting a new friendship or relationship can be fun and exciting. Anywhere you travel it seems you’re going to have a variance of problems when it comes to dating. However, Tampa Bay has some very unique issues and problems you should be aware of. So, if you’re new to Tampa or have lived here for a while, let’s talk about the things you need to know about dating in the Bay area.

Things You Need To Know About Dating Men In Tampa:

Dating in Tampa can be tough, we’re just going to be honest with you. Mostly, because these men won’t be. However, not all of them are bad! Some men just aren’t mature enough to understand what they need or want. One thing you really need to prepare yourself for is the amount of ghosting. Yes, ghosting is extremely prevalent in the Tampa Bay area and it’s not getting better. Instead of stepping up and telling the person you’re seeing that you aren’t interested anymore they will just completely stop all contact. No more texts, calls and you might even get blocked all together. Another issue in town is dating multiple women at the same time without knowing. Also, watch out for the married men on dating apps! Recently, there’s been a huge number of men pretending to be single but are in fact in a long-term relationship and have a family. Speaking of families, finding a man who doesn’t have children already or ‘baby momma drama’ is going to be tough.

There are some good men in Tampa but you’re going to have to dig! We just want you to brace yourself for the dating world in this area. Although, it may not be extremely different than other places there will be area specific things to look out for. Scroll down to read about the five things you should know when dating men in Tampa Bay.

  • #1 Pay Attention To Which 'HOUSE' He's Hang Out At

    Make sure you ask questions about their favorite hangout spot. It might be Winghouse, Thee Dollhouse, Penthouse or even the trap house. All of these are very different and will tell you a lot about the person you’re dating. A restaurant might not be so bad but if you have a problem with strip clubs or drugs make sure you ask about it.party, drink, dating

  • #2 Strip Clubs And After Hour Spots

    If you’re not used to strip clubs then this might shock you! The hangout spot in Tampa has always been strip clubs. Either before going out or afterwards if you are dating a man who lives in Tampa he most likely will frequent these places. If it’s not the strip club then it’s the afterhours location. However, if he mentions that he goes to a place called Eyz Wide Shut, you might want to look that up immediately.

    Young sexy woman pole dancing striptease with pylon in night club. Beautiful stripper girl on stage

  • #3 Location

    Where do they live or hang out at the most? Is it Seminole Heights, downtown Tampa or St. Petersburg because they’re all totally different and tell you a lot about who you are dating. If they’re always in Ybor they might be too young for you. Do they live downtown Tampa and always eating on Water Street? They could be from a wealthy family or make a lot of money.  Partying in Hyde Park or on Howard Avenue constantly you might find that they’re immature and not ready to settle down. If he is always drinking downtown St. Pete he could be more laid back but a little flighty.

    Report Shows ‘Best Counties to Live in Florida’ : 5 In Tampa Bay - Skyline of downtown Tampa at sunset.

  • #4 Drugs, Drugs And More Drugs

    Go ahead and ask and do it quickly! Weed is extremely popular in the state of Florida and in Tampa it’s no different. You might find that every single man you meet vapes and smokes weed. If you don’t mind that but are concerned about the harder stuff then ask. Find out what recreational drugs they’re into because there’s a huge underground world of drugs especially cocaine and pills.

    drugs, pills and syringe

  • #5 They Move Fast

    Men in Tampa Bay will move on from you quickly! Don’t be surprised if you get love bombed and then never hear from the person again. With so much access 24/7 it seems hard to find a loyal man who isn’t sleeping with several women at the same time. Take things slow, be clear about what you want but don’t be shocked if after 3 months he moves on.

    Dating app or site in mobile phone screen. Man swiping and liking profiles on relationship site or application. Single guy using smartphone to find love partner and girlfriend. Mockup website.

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