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Florida man has been up to no good in 2023. This year was extremely unpredictable, but we can always count on Florida man making crazy headlines. We can’t say we’re surprised, it’s what we (the state of Florida) are known for. There are tons of unbelievable headlines about situations that have bewildered everyone. There was so much that happened you might have forgotten about these 10 wild Florida Man headlines.

Nobody does it like Florida man. There are crazy stories involving drugs, alcohol, fake police cars, alligators, and more. If the crime itself wasn’t baffling, a Florida man made a way to make headlines. Some crazy stories include pulling out a machete when his song was denied at karaoke and multiple arrests made for throwing food as a weapon.

There are a few crazy headlines that we didn’t include in our list but still deserve an honorable mention. Like the Florida man who brutally beat a shark with a hammer. Or the Florida Man who allegedly stabbed and killed his brother’s friend because he passed him in the smoking circle. When a new insane headline pops up almost every day, it’s hard to cover every story. One of the craziest stories we heard this year was about the Florida squatters who created their own “meth island” and charged $10 a night for rent.

Florida Man in 2024:

We expect to hear a lot of Florida Man in 2024, especially with the inaugural Florida Man games taking place in St. Augustine. Their website describes the games as, “From wrestling in the mud to running from actual sheriff’s deputies … where the bizarre meets brawn and sanity is optional!” They’ll compete in many games like ‘Weaponized Pool Noodle Mud Duel’ and “Evading Arrest Obstacle Course”. It’s all happening in February 2024, click here to learn more.

It was hard to narrow down, but here are the 10 most WILD Florida man stories of 2023.

  • January 2023

    This Florida Man had just lost his mother a few weeks prior and was already on edge. So when his order at Wingstop in Naples, Florida was taking over an hour he pulled out his pistol. Read more about the story below.

    Florida Man Grabs Pistol After Chicken Wings Take Over An Hour
  • February 2023

    This Florida man went full Ozzie Osborn by biting the head off of an animal during a domestic dispute.

  • March 2023

    Earlier this year there was a viral video of a Florida Man showing off his chains outside of a gas station when his car got stolen right in front of him. This is too Florida to even make up.

  • May 2023

    A Florida man loses his arm after using a pond as a restroom. This could have been way worse if you know what we mean. Always keep in mind that every body of water in Florida likely has an alligator living there.

    Florida Man Loses Arm To Alligator After Using Pond As Bathroom
  • August 2023

    Another one of those classic “Florida Man” stories. He was not doing himself any favors here when he said “I don’t wanna deny anything to make myself look guilty of anything.” While being arrested for going over double the speed limit while wearing a shirt that says “I’m the Reason the Beer’s Always Gone.”


  • October 2023

    This Florida man decided to keep a strange animal as a pet in his garage…

    Florida Man Caught Keeping an Alligator in Garage Illegally
  • October 2023

    Imagine being on the highway when this happens… A Florida man on a meth binge shut down a highway for 10 hours. When we say the traffic is crazy in Florida, WE MEAN IT!

    Florida Man Shuts Down Roadway For 10 Hours While Throwing Meth And Exposing His Genitals
  • November 2023

    The Florida cops didn’t think this was funny, but we’re sure a lot of tourists and locals found it hilarious. A Florida man was arrested for imitating a boarder patrol car but instead was the “booty patrol”.

    Florida Man Ticketed For “Booty Patrol” Truck Resembled Border Patrol Vehicle
  • December 2023

    A Florida man was on a crazy spree when he was throwing gator nuggets across a restaurant then sexually molested a fake manatee.

    Florida Man Arrested For “Sexually Molesting” Manatee Mannequin At Restaurant
  • December 2023

    This may not be the craziest headline of the year, but it is one of our favorites. You know how much Florida loves Waffle House, well this Florida man decided to permanently dedicate his love on his body, but didn’t want to pay for it.

    Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Steal Waffle House Tattoo

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