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Adidas Is Releasing ‘The Box Shoe’ And It Has Mixed Reviews

The sneaker game & fashion world is constantly evolving.  Every few years, there's a style, or in this case, a shoe that will shake up the game. Adidas is no stranger to that after having a good run with Ye's Yeezy brand for years before it cut their partnership in October 2022. Now they're releasing a controversial shoe later this year. Many have mixed reviews about the upcoming release of "The Box Shoe". Adidas has since taken new approaches and collaborated with other big brands such as Bape, Gucci & Jerry Lorenzo's Fear Of God. They have also, been gaining some good traction with their classic Samba silhouette being the new fad of 2024, & Anthony Edwards' "AE1" shoe being the hottest basketball sneaker on the market. The 3 Stripes brand is taking it up a notch, & looking to take a big step in the fashion world, and for lack of a better word... A different approach in the way we view & wear sneakers? Adidas is set to release a shoe that is, actually, the box it comes in. Yeah, box! Today Adidas shared that they are releasing "The Box Shoe." A shoe that literally left me baffled. Just when I thought things couldn't have gotten weirder this year, Adidas said, "Hold my beer." It is a legit sneaker, that looks like something out of the popular video game, Minecraft. When Will 'The Box Shoe' Become Available? The shoe is set to drop on Adidas' Confirmed app. No date has been given yet but, you can set a reminder, if this is something that you are interested in purchasing. Me personally, will not be making a play to get these shoe, because of how ridiculous this will look on foot. For crying out loud, it's a BOX! However, I guarantee you, one or maybe a few celebrities will wear them, and create hype around it, the same way they did with the MSCHF "Big Red Boot," just watch [select-listicle listicle_id="496778" syndication_name="tampa-bays-favorite-sneaker-brands" description="yes"]

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