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A Florida Man was arrested on DUI charges for allegedly driving a motorized scooter drunk inside Walmart at 10am. To make things worse he was driving the scooter erratically nearly hitting shoppers and crashing into shelves.

Aaron Gregory, 39, was taken in at 10Aam Sunday from a Walmart in Melbourne, Florida after he was found driving the scooter intoxicated, barely able to stand on his own. Gregory had an open bottle of Smirnoff vodka in his backpack that was in the basket of the scooter.

Store security shows Gregory “swerving, running into items, and nodding off while driving the motorized scooter.”

He’s currently in the Brevard County jail with a $3000 bond.


5 Great Restaurants Near Raymond James Stadium

With Kids Day 2022 coming up at Raymond James Stadium, I figured it was a good time to give some tips on where to grab a bite after the kids are worn out and hungry. Not all of these are ideal for kids, but they had their fun at Kids Day. It’s Mom and Dad’s turn to enjoy themselves. Or maybe hit up one of these spots after a Bucs game or concert. Many of these stay open late.