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Three Tampa police officers were shot at Tuesday night in the 3600 block of 54th Street. The three officers were not hit and did not fire back at the shooter. Investigators are currently working to ID the man they think is responsible for the attempted assault.

The officers who were plain clothed were working as part of the Street Anti-Crime Squad and were conducting proactive patrol at the time that the shots were fired. The officers were driving an unmarked car which was hit by the gun fire after they approached a group of individuals that were outside of a home. Tampa police chief Police Chief Lee Bercaw said, “I am grateful the officers involved tonight were not injured as a result of the dangerous actions by this suspect”.

Detectives are currently interviewing neighbors and working active leads to try and take the suspect off the streets. This remains an active investigation and investigators are urging the public to come forward if they have information, there is a cash reward available. READ MORE