Orlando & The Freakshow

Weekdays 6AM - 10AM

September 14th at 12 Noon

Unsigned artists, don’t miss the Next Up deadline.  If you’re looking to land on the WiLD stage, with a cash prize, commercial placement, and studio time, register now. All your info on prizing and registration is at WiLD941.com, if you think you’re ready.  One of the things we love is that your social media following is how you win!  This challenge is playoff bracket style, with artists paired against each other, and the last standing gets the title.  This is where your fans, friends and social media following comes through. The winner also gets a studio session with Bach To Rock, they get featured in a new 1-800-ASK GARY commercial and a $1000 Visa gift card.  Last year’s winner, Mardy Price, has a movement and adding the Next Up title was a great addition.  Can’t wait to see what other moves he makes.  Are you Next Up?  Unsigned artists don’t miss Next Up deadline.


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Rod Wave – St. Pete

Plies – Ft. Myers /Tampa

OMN Twee – St. Pete

Jimbo World – St. Pete