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I Love Playing The Florida Lottery! I play all the time here in St.Petersburg and have yet to win a lot of money. Even though I really have never won anything, I get excited seeing other people that have. Love seeing Floridians become millionaires from the lottery!

Are there tickets that you like to play? I use to play specific ones, but now I check to see which tickets have top prizes remaining. Did you know that you could check their website to find out? If not, it’s ok! I will put you on game here in this article.

Florida Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket With 3 Top Prizes Of $15M Remaining

The Florida 300x The Cash Game is the lottery ticket that you should buy! They still have 3 top prizes of $15M remaining. This ticket cost $30, and yes that is a lot of money but they pay off is nice. Imagine if you won. What would you do with $15M!

I always ask this question but I don’t really hav an answer to it myself. The first thing I would do is probably pay off my student loans. Then of course I would buy my mom that island that she has always wanted.

Speaking of my mom she would also be the first person I would tell, If I was to hit the lottery. Who would be the first person you would call? $15M is a lot of money, and you have to be careful who you let know right away. Eventually when you claim the money, people are going to find out.

I wish you could remain anonymous in Florida but that is not the case. Are you ready for your phone to be ringing off the hook and people asking you to borrow money? Probably best you just change your number! Good luck all you Florida Lottery players!


Florida Resident Purchased A Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $1.586B

Congratulations to all of the Lottery winners. No matter how big or small, it’s still a blessing to just win something. Even though I’m envious, I get so excited when someone goes to the store and spends a little but wins millions or even billions. Im no stranger to buying lottery tickets. I frequently buy them from the Publix right here in St. Petersburg. I also played the lottery a lot when I lived in Fort Myers.

My mom would ask me, “what games do you like to play?”  I like to play the scratch off tickets.  I also will buy a Mega Millions or Powerball ticket when the jackpot gets high. There has been a list created of the 10 Biggest U.S. Lottery Jackpots, and one of the tickets was sold right here in Florida. All of the people who won these jackpots have made history! Below is the list of states where the Top 5 Lottery Jackpot winning tickets were sold.

  • California

    This is the Largest Lottery Jackpot to date. It was a Powerball ticket that was sold in November of 2022. The city it was purchased in was Altadena! The ticket was worth $2.04B. According to Lottery officials, the ticket holder was the first lottery billionaire in the state of California.

  • Florida

    This was the second biggest Jackpot and it was split in three ways. This Powerball prize was $1.586B. It was sold in 2016 and there were three matching tickets.  The Melbourne Beach resident who won in Florida also had to split the prize with a California and Tennessee resident. Still not a bad deal though. With a three way split they would each get $528M.

  • South Carolina

     This was the third largest jackpot and it was a Mega Millions Prize worth $1.54B. The ticket was drawn in October of 2018.  The winner is from South Carolina but did not come forward until a year later. They chose to take their winnings in a one-time lump sum of $877,784,124 .

  • Maine

     A person in Maine won the 4th largest Jackpot in U.S. history.  The jackpot was estimated at $1.35 billion dollars. The drawing was on Jan 13th of this year and it was sold in Lebanon, Maine.

  • Illinois

    One lucky person in Illinois bought the winning Mega Millions ticket in July of 2022. They came forward after several weeks but their identity is unknown.  They purchased the 5th largest jackpot prize totaling $1.337B


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