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Tampa toddlers love Hooters so there shouldn’t be any weirdness in celebrating a birthday among the orange shorts.   I will not feel bad about my baby girls being fans of the restaurant chain.  Haven’t the detractors seen “Big Daddy“, with Adam Sandler yet?  It worked out great for Sonny, didn’t it?  My daughter loves the attention from the servers (dad doesn’t mind either, if anyone’s asking)!  Plus Hooters is a place where the kid can eat with her hands, not make a mess, and with all the busy movement, it keeps the kid engaged.  I’ll take it as far as Hooters is a parenting treasure, when you have littles to feed. Plus if you have that cute, daddy/daughter relationship, it’s a nice ice breaker to meet a few wing wranglers.  Don’t frown at the screen like that, guys use children like we use a puppy at the park!  Tampa toddlers love Hooters!

Hooters Is In Us

Many, from outside of Tampa Bay, may not realize that THE Original Hooters location is right here, in our own Clearwater, Florida.  It’s located on Gulf To Bay Blvd and while there are over 400 restaurants across the country, it all began here.  Maybe our interpretation is a bit different but there needs to be a little more respect for our soldiers in orange!  Game days, fantasy football drafts, UFC fights and more see these ladies serve and sometimes protect!  What you see at a Hooters establishment can easily be seen at a gym.  If you’re at a cheerleading competition or dance recital, doesn’t it look the same? So why the strip club stigma for hard working ladies in uncomfortable tights?