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This is so sad especially since something similar just happened to a pregnant St. Petersburg teen. According to reports Anastasia Gilley was found dead near Dothan Alabama. Gilley was missing and also pregnant. The body was found by a Houston County police officer after investigating in multiple counties. Gilley who was four months pregnant was last seen by her father May 2nd in Jackson County Florida.

Police confirm that Marquis McCloud has been charged with her murder. He is facing one count of capital murder during kidnapping in the first degree. An autopsy is being performed by the Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery. This will confirm the identity and more details will be released as the investigation moves forward.

McCloud was arrested during the investigation because he violated his parole in Houston County by coming to Florida. Authorities discovered that he and the victim had been in contact with one another. McCloud was very uncooperative during the investigation and it is unknown if they were romantically involved or not.

McCloud’s past criminal record includes multiple charges of fraud, rape, robbery, making terror threats and more. He also has prior convictions in Georgia. Please be safe, and I will keep you updated on this story. Is there a missing person you want me to report on? Please email me

Tampa Area Residents Who Are Still Missing

February 3rd was national missing persons day. Every year, 600K people go missing in the United States. Some are found alive, but many cases go cold. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System tells us that  more than 22,000 people are missing in this country. Almost 1,700 of them go missing in Florida.  Florida has the 3rd highest number of missing person cases behind California and Texas. Below are 4 Tampa Bay Area residents who are still missing.  Do you have a loved one we should add to this list, email me:

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  • Zachary Bernhardt

    Zachary Bernhardt has been missing for over 22 years. HIs mother first reported him missing from their apartment in 2000.  She told police she went for a walk in the middle of the night and when she came back he was gone. Zachary was last seen in Clearwater and today he would be 31 years old.


  • Angela Ambrocio

    Angela Ambrocio was last seen in November of 1986. She was last seen by her estranged husband and he says he dropped her off at the Church’s Fried Chicken in Lakeland.  Apparently he dropped her off after the argued. Today she would be 55 years old. If you have any info please call the Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-8477.

  • Bonnie and Jeremy Dages

    Bonnie and Jeremy Dages were last seen in April of 1993. Jeremy was only 4 months when him and his mother left home to meet someone at a shopping center in Brandon.  Their vehicle was found but they have not been seen since.