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Reports tell us that two people were bitten by shark at the same Florida beach on Labor Day. Very scary right? I usually go to the beach by my house in St. Petersburg but I have not been at all this summer. I take that back, I have been but just have not gotten in the water. With that being said, this shark attack did not happen in St. Pete, but at a beach in Volusia County.

Sadly this horrific incident happened on Labor Day at Ponce Inlet beach. The first woman says she was standing in waist deep water and was bitten on her right foot. She tells officials that she did not see the shark. Luckily she was taken to the hospital and treated with non-life treating injuries.

Another person was also attacked by a shark at the same beach. A man in his 30’s was bitten on his hand while surfing near the Ponce Inlet Jetty. Police say he denied medical care at the beach. He instead drove himself to the hospital. His injuries were also described as non-life threatening.

Have you ever had a shark encounter?

I have not, but If you have feel free to email me I remember going fishing in the keys and thinking that my friend yelled “Shark,” but that was not the case. At one point during our trip we went lobster diving. Since I cannot swim, I stayed in my life jacket and just floated at the surface.

I decided put my head in the water and I thought I heard my friend yell “shark!” Luckily she didn’t.  Even though there was no shark encounter, having one is the risk you take, every time you get in the ocean. The lady who was attacked standing in waist deep water scares me however. I didn’t know sharks came so close to the surface.

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The 8 Florida Beaches With The Most Shark Attacks Since 2010

Sharks in Tampa Bay are a rare site, but Florida dominates the list of the most shark attacks in America. Travel Lens gathered the data on shark attacks dating back to 2010. One Florida beach had more attacks then #2 through #5 combined! Here’s what they found.

  • #6 (Tie): Jacksonville Beach

    3 attacks since 2010…

  • #6 (Tie): Gulf Shores in Alabama

    3 attacks since 2010…


  • #6 (Tie): Jensen Beach

    Another Florida beach… 3 attacks since 2010.

  • #6 (Tie): Isle of Palms in SC

    Also 3 attacks since 2010.

  • #6 (Tie): Lori Wilson Park

    3 attacks since 2010.

  • #6 (Tie): Ocean Isle

    Another beach with 3.

  • #6 (tie): Kauai in Hawaii

  • #5: Ormond Beach

    4 attacks since 2010.

  • #4: Melbourne Beach

    6 attacks since 2010.

  • #3: Cocoa Beach

    7 attacks since 2010.

  • #2 Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

    9 attacks since 2010.

  • #1: New Smyrna Beach

    A whopping 32 ATTACKS since 2010!  They’ve earned the title of Shark Bite Capitol of the World. Why so many? Watch the video and it’ll all make sense.

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