I feel so bad for this child. They just witnessed something that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Hopefully there are other family members that can take he/she in and they wont be placed in the states care. If being placed in the states care is the best option then Im all for it. Wherever the child ends up I hope they end up in a loving home and that they are able to get therapy.

Please be safe, If you have a comment feel free to email me [email protected]

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These Are the Most Dangerous Cities in America

It’s always interesting to see which cities are considered safe and dangerous in the US. It can also be helpful if you’re planning a big move. Now, there’s a new study out that pinpoints the most dangerous cities in America.

The new study comes from Noradarealestate.com. In it, they say, “From gang violence to high levels of property crime, these cities have earned their spots on the list.” Yikes.

Before we get to the crime in each region of the country, let’s look at some of the No. 1s in this study. According to Noradarealestate.com, the “FBI’s most dangerous city” in the West is Stockton, California. In the Midwest, it’s St. Louis, Missouri. Then, in the South, it’s Baltimore, Maryland; and in the Northeast, it’s Hartford, Connecticut. Noradarealestate.com notes that even though these cities are dangerous in the report, “each of these cities has also demonstrated resilience and a commitment to addressing these issues through various initiatives and collaborative efforts. By focusing on community engagement, comprehensive strategies, and investment in socio-economic development, these cities can work towards creating safer, more inclusive, and prosperous communities for all residents.” So, it’s not all dismal. There is definitely hope.

So, what’s the most dangerous city in America? Detroit. “The violent crime index, encompassing homicides, robberies, and aggravated assaults, is alarmingly high,” the study states. “The prevalence of guns and gang activity further exacerbates the issue, making Detroit a concerning place in terms of personal safety.” That said, I love Detroit, and even though it’s good to see which cities are trending up and down in terms of crime, remember that every city has its good and bad areas. So, don’t write these towns off your list because of one study. Find the full study from Noradarealestate.com here.

Check out the most dangerous cities in America by region below, via the latest FBI data.