The Nuthouse

MA Trailer

Good to see  Blumhouse Productions is staying on time with the horror movies. Who would have ever thought to see Octavia Spencer play a major role in a horror movie. Basically Spencer character is betrayed by teenagers when she buys them beer and let them use her basement. Check out the trailer below. This is a…

Kanye West Shoes Time

If you love the Yeezy well get ready for the season to come back. Kanye West new Yeezy Boost 700 Salt Sneakers will be the latest addition to your shoe family. They will be out Feb 23rd but more info click here.

Guy Flips Out Because Of Onions On His Burger

Hey we all like our food a prepared a certain way. But handling a wrong order like this is WAY to much!! So this dude order a burger at McDonalds. When he got his Big Mac, it had onions on it. He told them he couldn't eat it because he has a "severe allergy." You'd…

Guy Hits His Girlfriend With Burrito

Oh Florida, what are we going to do with you!! A guy and his girlfiend got into a fight. During the fight, the man allegedly pushed his girlfriend into the bedroom and on a chair. Then he threw his burrito at her, hitting her in the face. Police report that “the contents of the burrito dispersed across…

Mystikal Is Out Of Prison

After being in prison for over a year now, Mystikal gets out. It took him a long time for him and his family to get the $3 Million up but they did it. Keep in mind he was charged with first degree rape and second degree kidnapping charges, read here for more of the story.