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Are they trying to lure the Rays from Tampa Bay? Pat Williams who is the co-founder of the Orlando Magic unveiled plans for a new 45,000-seat baseball stadium. The plan is to get a major league baseball franchise to Central Florida, whether that’s the Rays or a expansion team. The “Orlando Dreamers” new stadium would be across from Sea World on I-Drive and would include retail shops, restaurants, office space, and 1,000 hotel rooms.

The new stadium will cost around $1.7 BILLION, which Williams says a lot of that would come from public funding and the rest would come from the Rays (if they were to relocate) or the owner of whatever MLB team that decides to make Orlando their home.

Rays owner Stu Sternberg says he wants a new stadium deal done by the end of the year, so this Orlando plan adds a lot more pressure on the Tampa Bay area to get a deal done. Tampa Bay Rays or not, Williams believes he can bring Major League baseball to Orlando. [Source: Fox 13]


These Florida Cities Have The Highest STD Rates in America

Several Florida cities are on this list for having the Highest STD rates in America. This is according to research done by the team at Innerbody who did a study on U.S. cities with the highest sexually-transmitted diseases. Out of 100 cities, Tampa comes in at number 59.

Tampa has 694 STD cases per 100K population. The study is based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest STD Surveillance Statistics. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis top the list of most commonly reported new STD infections.

The Florida Department Of Health offers free STD testing. If you are not sure where a location is near you, you can find it here. Orlando, West palm and Daytona are also on this list. Below however, are the Florida cities that rank among the top 20 cities with the highest STD rates in America.

  • 16. Jacksonville

    Jacksonville Florida comes in at #16 on this list. This city has 997 STD cases per 100k population.

    Hiv Cases: 267

    Chlamydia Cases: 11,667

    Gonorrhea Cases: 5,376

    Syphilis Cases: 511


  • 17. Miami

    Miami comes in at #17 on this list. Miami has a reported 987 STD cases per 100k population. 

    HIV Cases: 781

    Chlamydia Cases: 12,521

    Gonorrhea Cases: 5,180

    Syphilis Cases: 2,166


  • 19. Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale comes in at #19 on this list.  They have a reported 950 STD cases per 100k population.

    Hiv Cases: 460

    Chlamydia cases: 10,185

    Gonorrhea Cases: 4,516

    Syphilis Cases: 1,381




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