Liam Neeson Is In The Hot Seat

Liam Neeson is in the hot seat but some time you need to be clear on what we are saying. He was on Good Morning America recent speaking on something that he caught heat for. Spoken on a past experience an people took it the way they took it. Check out the video below to…

Chris Brown Is FREE

Chris Brown is on a roller coaster ride right now. An we all got the information earlier this morning about him and couple of people getting detain in France. Well he is now free and able to leave France too an reports coming from but, here to read more.

Host or Nah for the Oscar?!?!

Oscars is really change it up this year. With this void of if Kevin Hart will come back to host the Oscars. Well it looks like there is a change of heart or they they can come to agreement about it this year. Keep this in mind, its been nearly 3 decades since their been…

America's Got Talent Audition in Tampa

This is one of the biggest stage to showcase your talents to America. Well America's Got Talent will be doing audition in Tampa. Sharpen up your skills an lets put Tampa on the map on December 1oth at the Convention Center. Find out the info here