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When I read this story, it immediately brought me back to my days in this very kitchen. I worked at the PoFolks on 34th Street in St. Pete while I was in High School and I’ve seen the things that go on in the kitchen, but nothing like this!! Last week St. Pete police investigated an incident at the restaurant between employees.

According to IONTB, the altercation between the employees went down in the kitchen, where Ocassio Cubby sprayed hot grease on two employees. The employees (man & woman) both suffered burns and needed to be transported to the Tampa General burn unit for treatment. Cubby was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated battery. [Source: IONTB]

Here Are The Best Fried Chicken Restaurants In Florida

Fried chicken is probably one of the best foods created! I have been eating it since a little girl. I have memories of my grandmother making it for me and my sister when we got out of school. Not everyone can make a great fried chicken. Some people make it greasy and hard. Below are the restaurants in Florida that get it right! Juicy, tender and fried chicken that falls off the bone. The perfect crisp is also important. Below are the 5 best fried chicken restaurants in Florida. Do you have any we should add? Send an email to




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