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A Florida man cracked open a beer in front of a police officer during a traffic stop. Officers noticed a Mercedes parked in the opposite lane with the lights on. According to NBC 2, when officers approached the vehicle to see if it was abandoned, they found 40-year-old Michael Sereda sitting alone in the passenger seat. They also found empty beer cans scattered all over the floor of th vehicle. According to the arrest report, Sereda was “unable to speak” due to his level of intoxication, but was able to grab another beer and cracked it open right in front of the officer.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

The man fought back against the police when they tried to remove him from the car and were forced to use a taser on him. He was eventually arrested and was charged with a DUI. [Source NBC 2]

The 8 Florida Beaches With The Most Shark Attacks Since 2010

Sharks in Tampa Bay are a rare site, but Florida dominates the list of the most shark attacks in America. Travel Lens gathered the data on shark attacks dating back to 2010. One Florida beach had more attacks then #2 through #5 combined! Here’s what they found.

  • #6 (Tie): Jacksonville Beach

    3 attacks since 2010…

  • #6 (Tie): Gulf Shores in Alabama

    3 attacks since 2010…


  • #6 (Tie): Jensen Beach

    Another Florida beach… 3 attacks since 2010.

  • #6 (Tie): Isle of Palms in SC

    Also 3 attacks since 2010.

  • #6 (Tie): Lori Wilson Park

    3 attacks since 2010.

  • #6 (Tie): Ocean Isle

    Another beach with 3.

  • #6 (tie): Kauai in Hawaii

  • #5: Ormond Beach

    4 attacks since 2010.

  • #4: Melbourne Beach

    6 attacks since 2010.

  • #3: Cocoa Beach

    7 attacks since 2010.

  • #2 Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

    9 attacks since 2010.

  • #1: New Smyrna Beach

    A whopping 32 ATTACKS since 2010!  They’ve earned the title of Shark Bite Capitol of the World. Why so many? Watch the video and it’ll all make sense.

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