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How’s this for a family business!! A South Florida mother and son are accused of running a brothel out of their house. Allegedly one sex worker said she got paid by how many condoms were used by the end of her shift. According to WPDE,  investigators started an investigation into the mother and son after a complaint that 15-year-old girls were being offered to men for sex.

Authorities said detectives that went undercover as fake “johns” learned that 28-year-old son Glin Yan Zuniga Latin and his 52-year-old mother Amparo Latin Barillas were allegedly running the brothel.


Detectives said the mom was the person working the door, taking money and according to the arrest affidavit, “johns” would knock on the door, pay $50 and be handed a card.

Mother And Son Busted For Running A Brothel Out Of Their Florida Home

Mother and son both face charges of making money from prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution. [Source: WPDE]


10 Craziest Florida Man Stories Of 2022

Florida man has been up to no good in 2022. This year was extremely unpredictable, but we can always count on Florida man making crazy headlines. Can’t say we’re surprised, it’s what we’re (the state of Florida) is known for. There are tons of unbelievable headlines out there about situations that have bewildered everyone.

Nobody does it like Florida man. There are crazy stories involving drugs, alcohol, stolen scooters, alligators and more. If the crime itself wasn’t baffling, Florida man made a way to make headlines. A couple crazy stories include telling cops his drugs are actually mints, and blaming stealing on video games. It was hard to narrow down, but here are the top 10 craziest Florida man stories of 2022.

  • March 2022

    Florida Man Arrested For Drugs After Getting Stuck In Port-a-Potty

  • April 2022

    Report: Florida Man On Meth Bites Deputy After Running Through Traffic In Tampa

  • May 2022

    Florida Man With 33 Kids Claps Back At Haters Saying He Has A “Weak” Pull Out Game

  • June 2022

    Florida Man Crashes Car Into FedEx Truck While Receiving Oral Sex

  • July 2022

    Florida Man Arrested For Driving Walmart Scooter Drunk At 10am

  • August 2022

    Florida Man Arrested After Leaving Sleeping Wife On Honeymoon For Hired Prostitute

  • September 2022

    Florida Man Attacked Customer With Weed Wacker

  • October 2022

    Florida Man Runs From Cops Down I-95 On Stolen Scooter

  • November 2022

    Florida Man Arrested After Hitting His Girlfriend With Adult Toy

  • November 2022

    Florida Man Poisons Co-Worker For Being “Difficult to Work With”


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