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Mother And Son Busted For Running A Brothel Out Of Their Florida Home

How's this for a family business!! A South Florida mother and son are accused of running a brothel out of their house. Allegedly one sex worker said she got paid by how many condoms were used by the end of her shift. According to WPDE,  investigators started an investigation into the mother and son after a complaint that 15-year-old girls were being offered to men for sex. Authorities said detectives that went undercover as fake “johns” learned that 28-year-old son Glin Yan Zuniga Latin and his 52-year-old mother Amparo Latin Barillas were allegedly running the brothel. Detectives said the mom was the person working the door, taking money and according to the arrest affidavit, "johns" would knock on the door, pay $50 and be handed a card. Mother and son both face charges of making money from prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution. [Source: WPDE]   [select-listicle listicle_id="421529" syndication_name="10-craziest-florida-man-stories-of-2022" description="yes"]   More stories from Stiffy this week... [ss-signup design_id="287550"]

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