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What we’ve learned from doing all theses “Black, White Or Other” stories is, we all do the same dumb stuff and that criminals come up with the best excuses after getting caught.  A DoorDash delivery guy was dropping off a food order in somewhere in Polk County.

Moises Rios Avila was the food delivery driver and he clearly didn’t notice the Ring Doorbell on the house. In the video below you can see him make the drop-off, but then quickly take an Amazon package in front of the door.

After grabbing the package, Avila runs back to his car and takes off. The Ring Doorbell camera not only caught him in the act, but caught his tag number too. When police tracked Avila down, he told them that it was just a “prank.”

He was arrested and is facing charges of burglary and petit theft.

[Source Fox35]

Here’s the video from the Ring Doorbell Camera:



The Price Of Hot Dogs At NFL Stadiums in 2021-2022

We’ve told you about what a beer cost at every NFL stadium last year.  But, what did hot dogs cost at NFL stadiums across the country?

Prices ranged from about $2 at a Falcons game, all the way to $8 for a Rams or Raiders game.  According to Cheapism, these are the prices of a hot dog at every NFL stadium across the country.

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