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New Year, same ol’ Florida! Two people were arrested in Polk County after one of them called 911 for help moving their belongings from a Florida home they broke into.

Deputies went to a home in Poinciana after receiving a 911 call where someone hung up.  According to the deputies, they found a male suspect and his girlfriend inside the home after entering through an unlocked door.

The female suspect admitted to the deputies that she had called 911. She said she called to have them help move their “stuff” (the stolen stuff) and for a ride to the airport so they go to New York.

Deputies help them move their “stuff” and gave them a ride…. a ride to jail!!


The male suspect was charged with burglary and theft related to a store and also burglary of a residence. The female suspect was charged with burglary of a residence. [Source: WFLA]


Craziest Florida Woman Stories Of 2022

We often hear stories about the Florida man, but what about the Florida Woman. Some of these stories are just as crazy, bizarre and sad. I don’t know what it is, but it has to be something in the water. You can almost look at a certain story and before reading where it takes place, you just know. Then when you get to the location of the story, Boom, It takes place in Florida. Below are the top 5 crazy Florida woman stories,   I wrote about this year.

  • Florida Woman Comes Home And Catches Mom In Bed With Her Boyfriend

    This is absolutely bizarre! Recently a woman from Florida went viral after she caught her mom in bed with her boyfriend! Whats crazy is that it wasn’t just any bed, it was the bed that her and her boyfriend share together. In the video that recently went viral on TikTok , the woman comes home and catches them in the action. According to the woman she takes care of her boyfriend and says that she pays for everything, even his phone which she appears to make him leave when she kicks him out. Her mother is the most pathetic in this situation, because how can you betray someone you gave birth to like that. It’s sick and disgusting! I want to know the outcome of this situation. Hopefully she doesn’t let him come back into her life.

  • Florida Woman Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Her Dog

    Florida woman Christina Calello, was arrested for committing a a routine of sexual acts with her dog. This is being reported by the Daily Mail. So sad for the dog, who has since been taken away & is remained unharmed according to police. Calello, 36, has be doing these terrible acts against her pet for 8 years! It gets even crazier, her husband was in on this too! Geoffrey Springer, 39, had been filming these actions & placing them on a hard drive. He has been arrested as well. Peep the full story HERE.

  • Florida Woman Killed Her Sister For Flirting With Her Boyfriend

    This story is very heartbreaking. Fatiha Marzan was arrested after stabbing her sister to death. Her reason? Reports are saying it was because she learned her sister had been flirting with her boyfriend. Orange County deputies say she stabbed her younger sister in the heart on September 26th in a bedroom they shared in their family home. Fatiha apparently had just found out that her long-distance boyfriend of five years and her sister had been talking via a video game .

    She even saw a message where her boyfriend told her sister he loved her. Marzan then went and ordered a   “dagger style knife set” from Amazon two weeks before the stabbing.  Marzan hid  the knives in a closet and waited until her family members went to bed before  committing the murder. She later called the cops to report that she had stabbed her sister. She also  confessed to stabbing Sayma three to four times, specifically in the heart.  Fatiha is being held without bond.

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  • Florida Woman Under Fire After Taking Naked Pictures In Front Of Statue On College Campus

    Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) was trending this past weekend and not for a positive reason. Terica Williams has caused some controversy due to her graduation pictures. Congratulations to her for getting her Masters degree because that is a huge accomplishment. Of course when you graduate you take pictures to highlight the milestone in your life. She took two pictures and one of them has a lot of people upset. [Click here to see the naked photo that has people on the internet talking. The photo has also caused FAMU To open up an investigation. They released a statement shortly after Terica’s picture started to go viral.


  • Florida Woman Named Tupac Shakur Arrested For Beating Man With Bat

    A Miami-Dade woman named Tupac Amaru Shakur was arrested after she allegedly hit an elderly man with a baseball bat who was just relaxing on a bench outside of a hospital. The 34-year-old woman who shares the same name as the iconic rapper, allegedly hit the man “several times” outside of Hialeah Hospital with a baseball bat while he was chill’n on a bench alone.

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