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Florida man is famous for constantly doing dumb stuff. But Florida man isn’t this disrespectful!! A New York man was driving to his ex-wife’s grave every morning to pee on it. The ex-wife’s children called the police after they kept finding bags of poop on her grave.

They asked the cemetery if the could put up trail cameras in the trees to catch the vandal. What they found shocked them! The cameras caught their mom’s ex-husband who she was married to in the 1970s. The cameras showed the guy drove to the cemetery each morning between 6:14 and 6:18 with his CURRENT WIFE, get out of his vehicle and peed on the grave.

The children have gone to the police several times, but said they haven’t been allowed to talk to a detective. So far, the police have refused to arrest or charge the man. [Source: New York Post]

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