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A guy from New Hampshire was arrested in the most ironic way. Here’s the backstory. Back in 2020 Morgan Wallen got arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Fast forward to 2022 and Zachary Horne, 20, decided to go to a Morgan Wallen concert wearing a t-shirt with a picture of the artist’s mug shot on it from the his arrested in 2020.

Well, Horne now has his own mug shot after being arrested for underage possession of alcohol. The irony of this situation is Horne was pretty much arrested for the same thing as Wallen and now has a mug shot of a mug shot.

[Source: the smoking gun]

Update: Morgan Wallen’s people heard about the story and invited him to another show. This show included a once in a lifetime experience. He got to go backstage and even ended up meeting Wallen. They ended up taken a picture together and were both wearing t-shirts with the other person mug shot on them lol. Pretty cool move from Morgan Wallen!

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