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I’ve been a Rays fan since their inaugural season, so this announcement makes me really happy! The Tampa Bay Rays announced earlier this week that they will be wearing their throwback “Devil Rays” uniforms 14 times this season including Opening Day and Friday home games to honor their 25th year anniversary.

I absolutely love these jerseys and hope that this move is the first step to bringing these dope ass uniforms back permanently!


This season will also be the first year of the Rays Hall of Fame. The Rays Hall of Fame will celebrate the former players, managers, coaches, broadcasters and executives who made exemplary contributions to the franchise. The inaugural class will be Don Zimmer (Sunday, April 2 vs. Detroit Tigers), Wade Boggs (Sunday, July 9 vs. Atlanta Braves) and Carl Crawford (Saturday, August 26 vs. New York Yankees). Each date will include pregame ceremonies and a special giveaway for fans, namely a Don Zimmer Zim Bear Bobblehead, a Wade Boggs Can Cooler, and a Carl Crawford Mystery Bobblehead.

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5 Things In Tropicana Field That Need To Be In The New Rays Stadium

Even though the project for a new Rays stadium is currently scrapped, we hope to see these current features incorporated in the new place. Tropicana field has never really been a “baseball lovers” stadium and there’s tons of room for improvement. But we went to a game the other day and thought about all the things that we would hate to see go.

One major hope to see in the new Rays stadium is a possible retractable roof or a lot of glass structure. The outside feel of the game is one of the best parts about baseball. Sitting in your seat and taking a whiff of the freshly cut grass is a baseball tradition that Rays fans can’t relate to. Another feature we hope makes the new stadium is an updated bullpen. We love the opportunity to interact with players and coaches with the current bullpen set up, but it can also be kind of obstructing to the game. Many baseball stadiums bullpens have been moved off-field due to injury. It would be nice if the Rays could find a middle ground so that the relief pitchers can get ready for the game without having to worry about dodging foul balls.

But there are a lot of things about Tropicana field that we love and want to see incorporated in the new spot. For example, the food options are great, especially the crafted entrees at The Porch in the outfield. Whether the new stadium will stay in St. Pete or relocates across the bridge to Tampa, we hope the stuff on our list survives the move!


  • The Rays Touch Tank



    It’s a stadium must-see for the Rays. The sting ray touch tank is a tribute to the original Rays uniform and is the first of its kind at a professional sports venue. For the new stadium, we would love to see a bigger tank where maybe you can take standing photos against the glass with the sting rays.

  • Party In The Outfield


    One of the Trop’s newest additions, The Budweiser Porch, out in centerfield is a great spot to hang before or during the game! The area features a long bar which makes it easy to get your beer and back to your spot. There’s also exclusive food stands here like Beer Battered Fries from Pig & Potato or the Hawaiian Hot Dog from Pacific Counter. Needless to say there definitely needs to be an outfield hang spot in the new stadium.

  • BallPark & Rec Lounge


    Another great addition to the Trop that we would hate to see go. An arcade lounge indoors and outdoors that’s a great spot to hang before or after the game. It helps that there are two Tampa Bay Park and Rec locations so it will still feel fitting to include them in the new stadium.

  • Beans & Barlour


    The most bougie milkshakes in baseball, but they are WORTH IT! Pro tip: they’re even better when you add whiskey! We can’t imagine the new stadium without this foodie staple.

  • The Rays Museum/162 Landing


    Life-long and newbie Rays fans love to reminisce at the Rays Museum that features the history of the franchise since its inception. 162 Landing is another great spot to look back and remember one of the Rays most iconic wins. We hope the new stadium finds a way to incorporate Longo’s winning home runs and all the other milestones the Rays have reached since becoming a team back in the 90’s.




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