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Advance Auto Parts is hooking up 25 lucky drivers with FREE gas for a year and a $500 gift card to the store, if there’s a 25-yard or more touchdown pass is during the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be a fan of Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, the Eagles or the Chiefs. We just need a long touchdown pass on Sunday for a chance to win FREE gas for a year!!

According to Fox 13 the company said, the 25 winners will get their choice of $2,600 in gift cards redeemable at Shell gas stations nationwide or $2,600 in cash, according to the contest rules. They’ll also get a $500 gift card to Advance Auto Parts. You can enter to win (I just did) the Advance Auto Parts sweepstakes HERE with the last day to register on March 29.  [Source Fox 13]


Rihanna: 10 Songs She Should Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

It’s been seven years since the Anti Tour, so when the NFL announced that RiRi would be the 2023 headliner, the Rihanna Navy lost their minds.

Since the announcement, Rihanna has made a teaser to promote her performance which has only created even more buzz for the event.

Now, not that Rihanna needs our help picking out a fire set list but we thought that nudging her in the right direction with some of our personal favorites could ease her mind. Take a look at 10 songs we think Rihanna should perform during her Super Bowl Halftime Show:

  • "Diamonds" (2012)

    “Diamonds” is one of RiRi’s signature songs so it would be a total bummer if she were to not perform this one. The track is from Rihanna’s 2012 album Unapologetic.

  • "Umbrella" ft. Jay-Z (2007)

    Jay-Z is already reportedly helping RiRi for the Super Bowl so it would be such a treat for Hov to grab the mic and perform this song with her.  “Umbrella” is also one of Rihanna’s most notable songs in her discography. The track is from her 2007 album Good Girl Gone Bad.

  • "Needed Me" (2016)

    “Needed Me” is found on Rihanna’s last full-length project Anti which was released in 2016. She also used a snippet of this song for her first teaser for the Super Bowl so it would be a shame if it weren’t performed on the big stage.

  • "Work" ft. Drake (2016)

    You can’t mention the summer of 2016 without this Rihanna track. Not only would it be dope to see RiRi pull Drake on stage to perform this but we can’t help but be greedy and also ask for them to consider their other hit “What’s My Name?” that was released the same year.

  • Only Girl (In The World) (2010)

    No matter where this song is played you are bound to be out of your seat belting the lyrics (or at least turning up the volume loud enough to drown out some poorly sung notes). “Only Girl (In The World)” is definitely one of the songs for RiRi to consider to get that effect from her fans.

  • "Don't Stop The Music" (2007)

    “Don’t Stop The Music” is another party anthem that is bound to have everyone out of their seats at Halftime. It was released in 2007 and is found on her Good Girl Gone Bad album.

  • "Bitch Better Have My Money" (2015)

    Leaving “Bitch Better Have My Money” out of RiRi’s Super Bowl line-up would be a crime seeing how it is the perfect song to get everyone fired up (and call out that friend that still owes you for the pizza and wings you bought for the Super Bowl party).

  • "Rude Boy" (2009)

    “Rude Boy” was released in 2009 and is found on Rihanna’s fourth studio album Rated R. Similar to “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and other songs found on the list, “Rude Boy” is sure to ignite the fire in the Rihanna Navy.

  • "Pour It Up" (2012)

    Whether your favorite team wins the Super Bowl or not, you’ll be sure to “Pour It Up” if this song is selected by RiRi at Halftime.

  • "Pon de Replay" (2005)

    Last but certainly not least, the song that made everyone fall in love with the girl from Barbados. “Pon de Replay” was Rihanna’s breakout hit so we expect her to show some love to the fans who have been with her since day one.


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