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Downtown Tampa was crazy on Saturday, but most people were able to stay out of trouble. The annual Gasparilla Invasion and Parade made its way through Bayshore along with over 300,000 local pirates. Despite all the drinking of rum, the pirates were generally well behaved and made it out with low arrest records. Here’s how Gasparilla 2023 went by the numbers:

As we said earlier, over 300,000 people lined the streets of Downtown Tampa on January 28 for the third largest parade in the country. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s only arrested one (1) person for disorderly conduct. That’s got to be a Gaspy record! Two others were arrested for allegedly boating under the influence. It was also reported that seven party-goers were ejected from the festivities.

The Tampa Police Department saw a little more action. According to News Channel 8, Tampa PD reported three arrests or ejections. Tampa Police responded to 16 traffic crashes and violations and had 43 requests for medical attention. Out of all that madness, only two people were reported missing.

It seems like this Gasparilla was a little more calm than last year. Apparently there were 10 arrests made last year from disorderly conduct and BUI’s. It looks like some people have learned their lesson. I’m glad to see that our local scallywags were able to party safely this year.

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