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This is a wild story that you know had to take place in Florida. Angila Baxter aka mother of R&B singer Sammie Bush has been charged for second degree murder with a firearm. Allegedly, Baxter was “randomly shooting” at cars on January 12 when she shot and killed 27 year-old Nekaybaw Collier.

According to police reports, Baxter claimed she was being followed by multiple people when she starting randomly shooting at a handful of cars and people. One of the bullets unfortunately struck and killed Collier. She was unresponsive at the scene and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Fox 13 tells us that the autopsy showed bullets from Baxter’s revolver were found in Collier’s body.

Deputies received multiple tips about this shooting. A lot of witnesses came forward saying they saw a woman in a red SUV yelling all types of curse words and shooting at people driving past her. One witness states that the woman in the SUV was yelling at her and she heard “two thumps” before driving off. Two days later, she checked her car and saw two bullet holes in the front of her car. The witness was able to pick Baxter out of a photo lineup on January 14.

Baxter even confessed to pulling her gun in the same area where the victim was killed. She admitted to shooting several cars because she thought “people were following her.” (She probably wasn’t wrong, I’m sure people were following the crazy lady who was screaming at people to see what she would do next.)

The Orange County Sheriff’s office released a statement noting that Collier was an innocent victim. “We extend our deepest condolences to Nekaybaw’s family for the senseless killing of this young mother, wife and daughter.

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