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This is a love triangle that has Florida written all over it. This is the wildest ride that could ever happen at Disney so hang on… Three Florida deputies in Orange County have resigned after being involved in a sex scandal at a Disney property.

Back in 2021, Florida deputies Skyelar Miller and Angel Mendoza began a sexual relationship. According to a report from OSCO, Miller dropped Mendoza for her supervisor, Cpl. Robert Garner later that year. Miller even admitted to having sex with her boss while on the clock. Now, everyone can live their life how they want, but one of my biggest life rules is to NOT sleep with your boss/coworkers. This deputy did BOTH in one year and apparently it wasn’t a smooth breakup. Miller told investigators she believes Mendoza complained to the sheriff’s office because their relationship ended badly. Which ended up biting everyone in the behind.

According to Channel 8 News, things got steamy in a bunch of places where they shouldn’t have been. I guess that’s part of the whole rush. Miller admitted to having sex at a local business, behind a church, and in the parking lot at Disney Springs.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said in a statement: “These former deputies are not worthy of the uniform worn by those that serve with integrity and honor.”

All I can say is I hope nobody was in an emergency and needed help while these deputies were too busy getting it on. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement does have the option to revoke their law enforcement certifications.

[Souce: News Channel 8]