Remember this guy? Charles “Wide Neck” McDowell was arrested in 2018. His mugshot went viral because of his unusually wide neck. Well, he got arrested AGAIN in Escambia County on Sunday, November 21. (If you’re like me and have no idea where Escambia County is, it’s in North Florida panhandle and includes Pensacola.)

This time, McDowell faces two charges. According to Escambia County records, he was charged with aggravated stalking and withholding support for a child or spouse. Back in 2018 he was considered a fugitive by ECSO. He was eventually arrested after attempting to flee. He faced multiple charges including possession of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.

It’s no wonder why his mugshot went viral. His arrest is taking off on social media again with people cracking jokes in the comments. I normally don’t like to judge people based on their looks, for all we know he could have a medical condition. But some of these comments are just too good.

One person wrote “He was out and the necks thing he knew he was right back in! Maybe necks time he’ll learn his lesson.” Another wrote back in 2018 “I know all of his shirts are boot-cut.” The comments go on and on. Click on the Facebook posts above for a good laugh.

[Source: News Channel 8]